Research-creation phase 5. Generativity/Phase #5. 2016

Research-creation phase 4. Flesh Waves. 2013

Research-creation phase 1-2-3. 2005-2010


Flesh Waves is an augmented reality performance exploring the relationships arising from the interaction between the body in movement and technologies of sound spatialization in real-time. Under a faint glow appears a three-dimensional human sculpture: five women, bodies intertwined, form a physical collective body. Acting as the sixth performer of the piece, the sound also surrounds the spectators, integrating them in the live sound form – the sonic collective body.


Research-creation. La démence des anges. 1999-2005


In my second creation, la Démence des anges, I wanted to explore the concept of alteration, of mutation of the body when it is projected inside digital networks. The performance involves a telematic duo that incorporates two spaces that may be thousands of kilometres away. In this work, the notion of the sacred engulfs the concept of telematics, which is related to what I propose as a new openness with respect to past corporeal limits and ideas on time and space. Telematics also brings forth ideas of the demiurge, omnipresence and ubiquity.


Research-creation. Communion. 1995-2000


In this performance, I developed the idea of a ritualized change from the real body to a synthetic body. This change is expressed through the ritualization process of the real skin towards an electronic one (electronic scarification). Thus, Communion can be seen as a kind of prayer, mantra, or invocation. It speaks of the fusion of real and electronic fleshes.


Collective works

In collaboration with artist Stéphan Ballard. Canada. 2002-2009


Digitalized body sculptures / Series of 3-D images in movement using Inspeck 3D technology:

The collaboration of Isabelle Choinière and Stéphane Ballard resulted in the project Exuvie which displays sculptures of digitalized bodies; the project invites the audience to contemplate, to mediate by meeting another reality; one leading to the revelation of other layers of perception. By truly reflecting on the modern processes of mummification, this installation is an invitation to a poetic trip through time. It is by pushing the limits of the devices’ resolution that we aim at penetrating the body matter, which enables us to scrutinize in an optimal way the potential of the corporal skin in order to discover a synthesis pattern which would be rooted in the origianl intention of the expression of the total body.


In collaboration with photograph Jean-François Gratton. 2007-2010


Having met at the Focalized Movement II project organized by SAS Gallery commissioner Frédéric Loury, Isabelle Choinière choreography/artist in media art, and Jean-François Gratton, photographer, have begun a common work based on ‘shared obsessions, thus revealing reality.’ Using a hybrid and mutant artistic process, they worked on the dancing body as a corporal mass, a ‘collective body’ through the medium of photography; a hyper reality that reveals the experience of corporality and the virtual through the high definition that was made possible by an architectural camera.


Hidden Bodies (Corps cachés) – photographic Installation


This process reflects ton the unseen image; it constitutes an invitation that stimulates imagination and curiosity. The series of pictures featuring two intertwined bodies very simply lets the viewer create its own vision or interpretation of the shots. Frame and outer-frame are both present, creating a king of play between the frames that allow only a small portion of the image to be seen, thus proposing a much more active perception. This series of pictures was created for the SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL exposition and is the result of a common research between Isabelle Choinière and Jean-François Gratton.

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