The company came into fruition in Montreal on October 20th 1992, with the intent of promoting hybrid forms of expressions linked to modern dance or to the problematic of the performance, the motion and the body. Le Corps Indice responds to a need of encouragement in this domain of emerging expressive forms and constantly evolving inquiries.


1994 was an important year for the company because its first production, "Le partage des peaux" (The Sharing of Skins, finally named Communion) marked a deciding factor. The choreographer and dancer Isabelle Choinière oriented her work towards associations dealing with «actual performances» and «electronic arts». This organisation will henceforth act upon the influence within the community as a research center combining physical and philosophical.


The main activities of the company took place between 1994 and 2008. Since then, the Corps Indice focuses on supporting research-creation and publishing projects.





The mandate of Le Corps Indice is centered upon the creation and diffusion of theoretical research within the realm of electronic arts, relating to performance art. Given that the mandate explores the links between the performing arts and technology, we have engaged ourselves to question these hybrid forms and to stimulate research in this field. With the dawn of a new comprehension of the body, dance is being presented to us as an entity most likely to open up a world of new possibilities.


Besides the creation and diffusion of works, Le Corps Indice is equally interested in creating opportunities for exchange on an international network and with the help of the written text and electronic mediums, to write new philosophies and critical conceptions.

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