Isabelle CHOINIÈRE, Ph.D., is an international specialist in research-creation and new hybrid contemporary performative scenes integrating technology, as well as a transdisciplinary artist. She is also a professor-researcher, author and is regularly invited to participate in research projects on the impact of media on the body in Europe, Canada and Latin America for her expertise as an artist and researcher. She holds a Ph.D. from the Planetary Collegium ‒ Transdisciplinary Space Research/Center for Advanced Inquiry in the Integrative Arts, Plymouth University, UK, and a Postdoctoral Transdisciplinary Degree (Faculty of the Arts) (Award FRQSC 2017-19 ‒ Fonds de recherche du Québec ‒ Société et Culture) from the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM).


Currently a professor integrated in a transdisciplinary and intersectoral co-teaching team at the FESP-Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies of Laval University in Quebec, she was also integrated as an academic member by the same faculty (FESP) in the programme committee of the customized master’s degree (maîtrise sur-mesure) in Arts and Technology. The mission of this programme committee is to design a relevant curriculum and to mentor graduate students (2nd and 3rd cycle ) in this field. She is a transdisciplinary researcher for a project in ethics and management at the Faculty of Administrative Sciences/FSA. She also (co)directs students in the PhD program in Arts Studies and Practices at the Faculty of Arts of UQÀM. She has been also a Visiting Professor at the Universidade de Chile (2017) and has taught at UQÀM, the University of Toronto, Universidade de Caldas/Colombia, Universidade Federale do Rio de Janeiro‒UFRJ/Brazil and CÉGEP du Vieux Montréal.


She was an Affiliate Professor (2016-2019 School of Media, Faculty of Communication, UQÀM) and Keynote Speaker in Quebec and abroad (2020 Université Laval (Quebec/Canada); Experiences of Innovation in the Teaching and Learning of the Artistic Disciplines and Dance Education Colloquium: Sensibility and Creativity in Education Process 2017 Universidade de Chile (Chile); 2013 METABODY EU Research Project/CynetArt (Germany); UK Somatics and Technology Symposium 2012 University of Chichester (UK)).


She has just written a book – a pedagogical tool – entitled: Through the Prism of the Senses: Mediation and New Realities of the Body in the Performing Arts. Technology, Cognition and Emerging Research-Creation Methodologies - as principal author, in collaboration with Enrico Pitozzi and Andrea Davidson, with an afterword by Derrick de Kerckhove and "Endorsement" by Roy Ascott. It is published by Presses de l'Université du Québec, Collection Esthétique (Canada) (French version, October 2, 2019) and Intellect Books (UK)/The University of Chicago Press Books (USA) (English version, January 13, 2020). She is the initiator, main organizer and designer of an international inter-university research-creation project: the first steps being this publication project and the international colloquium Cybercorporéités : subjectivités nomades en contexte numérique (UQÀM/Montréal, 27-29 September 2018).
















Choinière's research has been published widely in English, French, and Portuguese. English publications include articles for Intellect Press, UK (2006, 2013, 2015, 2019), The IATC JournalCritical Stages #16, US/Europe (2017), ISEA2017 Manizales, Colombia (2017), Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK (2009, 2014), Journal of Transdisciplinary Knowledge Design, Korea (2009). Publications in French include articles for CNRS Éditions, France (2021), Sillages critiques‒Revue numérique Université Paris-Sorbonne 3 (2021), criv.online/eunoïa, Canada (2020), Revista Repertório, Brazil (2017), Revue Art&Fact 36, France (2017), Archée, Canada (2016, 2017). Publications in Portuguese include articles for Revista Vis #17:1 (2018) and CENA #17, Brazil (2015). Other research activities include an invitation by Roy Ascott as Guest Chief-Editor for a double issue of Technoetic Arts, Intellect Journals, UK (2015) which examines the consequences and impact of ‘moistmedia’ in the emergence of new artistic practices, and a collaboration with Derrick de Kerckhove as an invited author for the book The Point of Being (2014).


Her main works to date include Communion, Le partage des peaux II (1994‒99); La démence des anges (1999‒2005); Meat Paradoxe (2005‒10); Flesh Waves (2010‒13); and Phase #5 (2016 ‒), productions that have toured Europe, Latin America and North America in major international festivals, exhibitions and art institutions. Festivals include the official openings of Cynetart04_Areale/Germany; Les rencontres internationales danse et arts numériques, Centre des arts d'Enghien-les-bains/France; Crash/Danemark; Future Moves/Rotterdam; and E-Phos/Athènes. Exhibitions include 2do Festival Internacional de Video y Artes Electronicas of Buenos Aires (FIV)/Teatro San Martin/Buenos Aires and Tercera Bienal de Video y artes Electronicas/Museo de Arte Contemporáneo/Santiago de Chile. Art institutions include 40e anniversaire de la Délégation du Québec à Paris, Paris; Museum de Arte Moderna Da Bahia/Teatro Castro Alves/Salvador/Brazil; and UNAM/Mexico). Her works have also been referenced as case studies for research groups in universities around the world since 1994. Her practical research-creation work has been considered a pioneering work since 1994, until today, by the international press (Le Monde, Paris; Digimag, Italy; Dresdner Neuste Nachrichten, Germany, etc.), as well as more recently (2017), including also the theoretical one (essays) (cover pages The IATC Journal/Revue de I'AICT, Critical Stages, US-Europe; and Revista Repertório, Brazil). In 2014, Choinière was awarded the Prix Reconnaissance Desjardins 2014 for herremarkable career, her innovative work of high artistic quality and to encourage her to continue research in this unique way of creating' (Conseil des arts de Longueuil, Canada).

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